Branded Glasses Make Drinks Better

Branded Glasses Make Drinks Better

Here at the Pint glass Company we believe your drinking experience is always improved when you are drinking from an Officially Branded Glass.

Have you every gone to the bar in your local, only to discover they have run out of your usual branded glass.

With all the best intention of serving you your drink, the bar person then pours your favourite drink into a glass which is labelled with another brand of drink or even worse a glass with no branding at all.

Did you feel cheated, sort of short changed??

You then walk away with drink in hand, return to your table and take a sip feel only to think that it tastes different.

Well we have….and its all because of the Glass…Branded Glasses Make Drinks Better

Long gone are the days when your glass was just a vessel to hold your favourite tipple.

They are now statements, there to advertise the product, tell the world what you drink but also add to the drinking experience by adding bubbles to your pint via the nucleation on the base of the glass.

They are regularly updated by the breweries, tempting bars to renew there stock and customers to turn away from those other brands to try their product. Its not just the lager companies, bitter, cider,spirits you name it i bet there is a glass out there.

With more and more people socialising at home in Man caves and gardens with bars and hot tubs, we now have the ability to bring the pub drinking experience home.

From conical pints of Courage Best and the tall straight Peroni glasses, the well known chalices of Stella Artois and San Miguel, we stock them all.

Everybody has a favourite.


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